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Alisha spewing truths:  



I Want Her Job:



Top 11 Odd Facts:

1.  Alisha was in a horror film and has a small, oddly awesome cult following.

2.  Alisha was a Fall Festival Queen and got to ride in an acorn float during a parade.

3.  She is a permanent resident of Australia.

4.  Alisha is a National Coca-Cola Scholar.  She does not get free coke for life- unfortunately.  

5.  Alisha is newly married and has an adorably creative stepdaughter.  They live in a magical cottage in Los Angeles.

6.  She performed her first stand-up show in New York opening for Ray Romano.  At the time, she didn’t know who he was since she did not own a tv.  

7.  Alisha and her best friend Mary, opened the Snort School of Lyricism in 2001.  While in session, all songs must be snorted instead of sung.  It still exists today.  

8.  Alisha’s wedding was featured in Bride Magazine and pictures of the wedding ran in an ad campaign in Time Square.  She wore a multi-colored sherbet dress.  

9.  Her dad is a highly acclaimed football coach.  Losing is not an option.  Do not ask her to play Monopoly with you.  

10. Alisha is expecting her first baby with husband Lucky Diaz.  They think she is a drummer/tap dancer/top chef/genius baby already.  

11.  Alisha’s name is pronounced Uh- Lish- Uh.  Rhymes with Fisha, delisha, I’m-gonna-miss-ya.  It is phonetic.  You say it how it is spelled.  But Alisha is too polite to correct one’s incorrect pronunciation.  Her mother taught her better than that.