See Alisha as Lishy Lou in the new Lucky Diaz and the Family jam Band Video for Thingamajig

Alisha sings with Lucky & the band on the newest Coke Commercial!  

Alisha is the co-founder and co-star of Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam. The first Americans ever to win a Latin GRAMMY in the children’s category, Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band is a pop-rock band out of Los Angeles, CA. The band is celebrated by NPR, People Magazine, USA Today, NAPPA, Parent’s Choice Awards and more. Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band (LDFJB) is comprised of Alisha Gaddis and husband Lucky Diaz.  Husband and wife duo have gone on to create the live action kids show- Lishy Lou and Lucky Too- airing on PBS- for which they have received three Emmy nominations and one win.  The second season airs fall 2016.  

2015 also brought along ANOTHER Grammy nomination for the group for their album- Adelante.  

LDFJB has exploded onto the music scene. Their first single, Blue Bear, skyrocketed to #1 on Sirius XM Kids Place Live, with countless #1 hits following.  Touring 5 months out of the year to devoted fans, the band has released six albums in under four years- all receiving critical acclaim and honors. 

They recently released their first ALL SPANISH album entitled: ¡Fantastico! which won the Latin GRAMMY.

The band is currently featured in the new Coke commercial (for a song they wrote and performed).

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People Magazine 

Favorite moment of performing for children:  

“Once a mob of children ran after me, and tackled me to the ground.  One of the girls was wailing that she wanted to be me and one young boy was kicking a picture of Lucky’s face (on a giant poster I was holding) screaming, ‘I want to be your husband!  I want to be your husband!’  I had to yell for security and the kids had to be lifted off me by their little belt loops.   It was so endearing, scary and hilarious!”


Current Titles

Lishy Lou and Lucky Too. a new album from Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band-Coming soon!

Lishy Lou and Lucky Too. a new album from Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band-Coming soon!

'Newest Release: Aqui, Alla'

'Newest Release: Aqui, Alla'